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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Jio Launches New Technologies in 2020 !!

Jio Launches New Technologies in 2020 !!

Jio Launches New Technologies in 2020 !! , jio , Latest Technology , Reliance
Jio Launches New Technologies in 2020 !!


    Welcome  everyone , Mukesh Ambani the owner of  Reliance  Jio introduced the latest technologies in the 43rd Annual Meeting and we will be knowing about each technology in brief ahead .

    1) Jio 3D AR Glass

       Very Interesting Thing That Jio launches is Jio Glass. Basically this glass is based on AR technology .

     Now ,What is AR?

     In very simple language , This technology is used to pretend ( mix ) 3D Artificial Thing ( Like Human , Animal , Object and anything) in real life .As I said this only give us only feel of that object but in actual there is no object present at that place .

    Okay , Now  you know what is AR technology . For seeing those artificial thing you need a Device . So for this Jio launches Jio Glass by the help of it you can take the feel of unreal objects. This is very amazing Technology.

    2) 5G network in India

         Jio has created a complete 5G solution from scratch , that will enable Jio to launch a world-class 5G services in India, using 100% home grown technologies & solution. This is the very big step for an Indian Company toward the 5G Technolpgy . 5G technology can be launch in 2021 if the Government approved it. This will be the great achievement for India.

    3)  Operating System By Jio and Google

       Google will invest ₹33,737 crores for a 7.7 % stakes in Reliance Jio Company. Google and Jio are creating an Operating System for mobile platform.

    4) Whatsapp + Facebook =Jio Mart

       This year Facebook invested 43,573 Cr in Jio company .Jio and Facebook are working on E-commerce Platform on Whatsapp . Jio Mart will increase the growth of all small - small shopkeepers by bringing them online . Jio Mart offers you to shop on Whatsapp .
    You can place your order on whatsapp in very simple steps.

    5) Embibe (Jio Education )

       Reliance Jio is also working on its Education Platform EMBIBE. It promotes Online education in all over india . The moto of this is to educate each and every child in india in villages also so that single child will not left from education.

    6) Jio TV Plus

        Jio has bring 12+ leading  OTT  ( Online Streaming Platform ) platform on its Jio TV Plus . It is the best idea to bring different different OTT platform in one. By taking the subscription of Jio TV plus you can enjoy content  from many OTT platform .Now ,you do not need to pay different differnt platform. This will save your money .

    OTT Platform That are the part of Jio TV plus

    1)  Amazon Prime
    2)  MX Player
    3)  Disney Plus
    4)  YouTube Premium
    5)  Voot Premium
    6)  Jio Cinema
    7)  Hotstar
    8)  Sony LIV
    9)  Sun NXT
    10)  Jio Savan
    11) LIONSGATE Play

    If you find this post Knowledgeful then share among your friends . And comment below your best Technology among these.

    Have a nice day.

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