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Monday, July 20, 2020

What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD Hard Disks

What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD Hard Disk Storages

What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD Hard Disks
What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD Hard Disks

   Welcome back Guys, Are you planning to purchase the Computer or Laptop and confused between SSD and HDD .You are right at your place because HDD and SSD will decide speed and performance of Computer or Laptop . So you are at right place , we will clear your all  cofusion regarding HDD and SSD and come on to conclusion which one you should buy . So Let's get start .

    What is HDD Storage

        HDD stands for ' HARD DISK DRIVE ' . It is  a Traditional Mechanical storage device to Store and access the Data . We are using it from long time ago . While using HDD its internal parts are moving / dynamic . It contains a 'Revolving Head' which perform circular motion while accessing the data . The speed of Revolving Head while performing circular motion is called as RPM . The more is RPM the more speed will be of your HDD.  I hope uptill now  you understood the HDD and its function. Let' move onto its Advantage and Disadvantage.

     Advantage of HDD

         1) Cost : It is cheaper than SSD
         2)  Storage Capacity : It capacity is Larger like 1TB , 2TB , 3TB , 4TB
         3)  Availabilty : It is easily available in offline market as well as online market.
        4)  Power Consume : It is more power consuming than SSD because it is mechanical device.
       5)  Physical Strength : Chance of getting damage is more than of SSD because its part are dynamic.

     Disadvantage of HDD

        1)  Speed  of HDD:  It has less speed than SSD.
        2)  Lifespan  of HDD: It have short life span approximately 6 to 7 years or less than that because it get curropt in that time

     What is SSD Storage

              SSD stands for ' SOLID STATE DRIVE ' . As per its name Solid state , it does not contain any moving/dynamic part which make it different from HDD . It is manufactured by using semiconductor. This  is Flash based storage. It is very powerful than HDD. Computer or Laptop manufactured in Apple company comes with SSD only because it is much better than HDD in term of Speed. Now move onto the its advantage and disadvantage.

     Advantages of SSD

    Speed  of SSD:Very First powerful feature of it is its speed . Its speed makes it different from normal storage devices . It is very much faster than HDD . This give very smooth performance .
    Lifespan  of SSD: SSD have very longer lifespan than HDD. This is possible due to its non-moving component.
    Power Consume : It consume very low power comparing to HDD because as I said it does not contain  any moving parts in it.
    Physical Strength : As much as SSD strong in inside perfomance also it is very strong than outside means its physical body is enough strong that it will not much effected by dropping on floor.

     Disadvantages of SSD

    Cost : Its cost is much higher than HDD .
    Storage Capacity :  Also after paying more amount you will get less storage capacity in same amount you can get double storage capacity in HDD.
    Availabilty : It is hardly available in offline market because its price .Usually this is avavilable in online market only.


      Here I am considering two types of people who is reading this , first one who have good financial background and otherone who can not invest much money in PC .

    So my suggestion to financial good person to go with SSD. And otherone can go with HDD because it does not makes any huge difference the only thing it takes much more time than SSD to load things.

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