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Friday, July 24, 2020

What is Web Development | Free Course | Importance

What is web development ?

Welcome back friends to the " Tech Fantastik "  and I hope you are well . So Today we will be knowing what is  web development and how to learn web development  also we will cover some basic concepts of web development . So let's start ...

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What is Web Development | Free Course | Importance

     Introduction to WEB DEVELOPMENT

    So basically ,Web development is process of developing / creating website's using different-different programming languages. Like HTML , CSS ,Javascript, PHP , MySQL  .

    You also can earn money by developing website on many online freelancing platforms like fiver ,design crowd etc.

    Now , why one has to create the website?

    As you know , our world is getting digital day by day and nowadays online information are consumed in high amounts, Every business is coming online for these reasons one has to create website and web applications to serve their services to user like you and me.

    Who will develop website ?

    Obviously website are developed by human only 😅 but a person who don't have programming skills can not make website .
    A person  with good  programming skills set and can make website is called as " Web Developer " .

    What are the skill set required to be " Web Developer " ?

    For being web Developer you must know the HTML , CSS , PHP , JAVASCRIPT  , MYSQL   programming languages and its applications  . And you can learn web development programming languages free of cost on YOUTUBE in Hindi as well as English by web development tutorial. Here are some YOUTUBE channel from where you can learn these languages.

    Web development courses Channel

    1) Code with Harry
    2) Telusko

    3) Thapa Technical
    4) My sirG

    Introduction to programming languages

    HTML : HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language " . It is the base of all website without it web development is not possible. Not scarring you 😅 because it very easy to learn.  One can easily learn it. It  is the bone of the website. It define the structure of the website.

    CSS : CSS stands for " Cascading Style Sheet " . In html we created the bone of our body now it's time to give it some muscle and dressing. This work will do CSS for you. CSS  change the website look and design. Here you can give the outstanding colour full  and decorated look to your website.

    JAVASCRIPT : Java Script is totally different from JavaJava Script is used to provide functionality to your website . Because user will not only see  the look but also some services required from your website. So here JAVASCRIPT can help you.

    PHP : PHP language is also used to provide functionality as well as it provide to connect your server with database systems. From where you can access the stored information.

    MySQL : If your website storing the data of user like email ID , phone numbers, password you required a place to store these data , so here MYSQL comes in picture and provide you the space to store such data .

    I hope now you understood the concept of Web Development and skill set required to become web developer and also you enjoy this content .

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