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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Which Programming Languages Should Be learn As a Beginner

Which Programming languages should be learn first...

Welcome back friends to the ' Tech Fantastik ' with the new interesting topic. Today we will be knowing which programming language should be learn first as beginner .

Which Programming Languages Should Be learn As a Beginner
Which Programming Languages Should Be learn As a Beginner

I will suggest you which programming language will be better to learn and why intially  . So Let,s start.

     Why one has to learn Programming Language ??

    If you want to be in programming profession like software engineer, web developer, game developer then you must have the back end programming languages skills like C , C++ , Python , Java ,Javascript along with it some front end programming languages like HTML , CSS .

    Here we will be discussing only backend programming languages.

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    Programming profession is one of the most highly paid profession  and Respected Job. By learning programming languages you can secure your future as Programmer with decent amount of salary.

    Famous Programming Languages

    1) Python
    2) Java
    3) C++
    4) C
    5) R
    6) Ruby
    7) Raspberry
    8) PHP
    10) GO
    11) JQuery

     Which Programming Language Should Be Learn As a Beginner

    You might be heard from your mentor or senior that Python is easy as compared to other languages. I Agree with it but Python will not teach you basics of programming concepts because Python provide many pre defined functions that will reduce your efforts . As we know unless and until our basic is not clear we can create big projects and software because one can easily stuck while programming due to lack of basic concept.

    According to me and some programming experts,  C language is recommended language as a beginner . It will clear all basic concepts and logic related to programming.

     Why Start with C ??

    Someone  can be say C is very old programming language then why has to learn it ?
    I agree with this also but the twist is that many Python libraries are written in C languages . Many popular companies uses C language. The game engine in which PUBG Game has developed is written in C++ language  . C++ is very very similar to C .
    C is very fast than any other programming  languages.

    I think this is enough to learn C Language initially. After learning C you can move onto any other programming languages easily.

    I hope now you understood why you have to start programming with C .

    There are many free C courses are Available   on YouTube . Here are some  my personal favourites YouTube channel
    1) Code with Harry
    2) Thapa Technical
    3) Telusko
    4) Apni Kaksha

    I hope you find this article helpful and today onward you starting programming Journey.

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