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Monday, August 17, 2020

Top 7 Most Useful Website For Student & Programmer

Top 7 Most Useful Website For Student & Programmer

     Hello friends, Welcome to the Tech Fantastik. Today we are going to know about 7 most useful website for computer and smartphone users. These  websites makes your life more easier. So let's get start..

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Top 7 Most Useful Website For Student & Programmer

    1)  PDFDRIVE 


     This website is very helpful for those people who likes reading and want to gain knowledge just by reading .
       It also help people who are searching online for pdf books and latest PDF  books are available on PDFDRIVE free of cost. One can easily Download any latest and updated books of any category like programming,  health care , history,  General Knowledge free of cost.



    This website is useful for those people who loves photography and they click more photos from DSLR as well as mobile .Sometimes the background of the image is not very clear in this case you can remove your your background using heavy software but Remove. BG is online platforms where you can remove background image accurately in seconds free of cost.



    If you have very long text or very long programming source  codes and you want to share that source  code  to your office members or friends then Pastebin can help you .
    Simply copy your source code and paste it here . This website will generate a link for you by which you can access your code as it was written.
    Mostly this website is helpful for programmers.

    4)  Pixabay and Pixels 


      These website is specially very useful for Bloggers and youtubers also for student to make their projects. These website is provides you  copyrighted free images and you does not have to credit link. These website provides you Premium images free of cost .



    This website is important for students , engineers and who are learning programming . It used to create flow chart of program and create diagrams for your projects free of cost . You can create diagrams online on any computer.

    6)  W3schools 


    This website is very very important for those people are interested to learn programming languages and  web development . This website will help you throughout your life because it have explain  each and every concepts related to programming in very systematic manner. Here you can learn HTML , CSS , JQuery, PHP, Python , C++ , Java . This website improves your theory skills as well as practical skill because it provides you to run your code on their website itself.



     This website is very useful for those people who are lazy like me and they do not like  typing. So here can help you. Here you can type just by speaking . You have  to just read that you want to type and will type for you . This website is very accurate. This support multiple languages also  like hindi , English and many more .


    I hope  now you know best websites for students and programmer which will help you in daily life and Reduce your work.
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