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Thursday, August 6, 2020

What is Google Pay ? How to Create Google Pay Account ?

What is Google Pay ??

Hello Friends,  Welcome to the " Tech Fantastik " . Our today's topic is what is Google pay and How to use Google Pay. So let's get start ...
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What is Google Pay ? How to Create Google Pay Account ?

    Introduction To Google Pay

    In modern world everything is getting online . India also promotes Digital India Program which is launched in 2015. Today ,Every Shopkeeper accepts google Pay payments .

       Therefore for purchasing anything online or has to give salary to your employer you need an online wallet to pay the bills and give the salary .

    Google Pay is the best option for online payment ." Google Pay " is one of the most secure wallets and this is Google Company products. So you can trust on Google Pay. Google Pay  is online money payment app that transfer money from one bank to another bank  .

    How to Download Google Pay ??

    Step 1 : Go to the Play Store

    Step 2 : Search " Google Pay "

    Step 3 : Download Google Pay App

    Step 4 : Launch / Open the Google app

    How To create Google Pay account??

    Step 1 : Sign Up with your mobile number and Gmail ID .

    Step 2 : Connect your bank account with Google Pay by providing debit card information.

    Note : Net banking for your Account must be enable by bank .

    Step 3 : Your UPI ID will automatically generate .

    Step 4 : Create your 4 digit Unique UPI Pin.

    Step 5 : Now , Your Google Pay account is ready for transaction

    Features of Google Pay

    1 ) Direct Bank to Bank money Transfer with no charges.

    2 )  Pay for Mobile Recharges

    3 ) Simple And Unique Interface

    4 ) User Friendly UI.

    5 ) 24/7  Customer Care Support  at thier official  toll-free support number: 1800-419-0157

    6 ) Earn extra Cash back

    7 ) Refer and earn upto 100 rupees ( This amount can vary )

    8 ) Google Pay is protected by 2 layers of security . First password is required to open the app and 2nd password is required to make transactions.
    Also you can add fingerprint security to your Google Pay app.

    9 ) Without Bank Details ,You can transfer money to mobile  number linked with Google Pay.


    I hope you understood how to Download Google Pay app and how to create Google Pay account as well as features of Google Pay. Now you can easily use Google Pay for any type of payment at any time .

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