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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

What is Google's ' People Card ' service ?

What is Google's ' People Card ' service ?

Hello friends,  Welcome back to the Tech Fantastik in The world of Technology. Today we are going to learn what is Google's People card service and how you can create you People card. So stay tune till the end to  know all these things.

What is Google's ' People Card ' service ?,google people card, add me to search
What is Google's ' People Card ' service ?

    Why Google Introduce " People Card " service ?

    So , Have you ever search yourself on Google ? Did your information Google shows there ? The answer is No.
    Because the Google is only show the information's of famous person , celebrity and well known Personalities only.
    So Google takes an initiative to give chance to build an online presence to the  bloggers, digital marketers, new start up business and website owners.

    That's why Google introduced the People card features. To make their online presence easily.

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    What is Google People Card ?

    Google is always been launching the new new feature for their user for enhancing the user experience. Now Google has launched " People Card " feature. That will shows you into search results of Google.

    People card is like Virtual Visiting Card in which all the information related to you are highlighted like Your  website , about Your business and your other Social Profile.

    How to create Google's " People Card " ?

    Step 1 : Open Your Google Account or Google Browser
    Step 2 : Search " Add me to Search "
    Step 3 : Click on the " Get Started "
    Step 4 : Fill the Require information like description about yourself,  phone number, website, image etc.

    Note : The more you give your information, the easier it will be for people to find you online.
    Step 5 : That's it now your Google People Card has been created. 

    For Video Illustration Click Here

    What are the Benefits Of Google's People Card ?

     1. Build your Online Presence
     2. You can decide which of the information of yours is visible to others.
     3. All of your information are secured
     4. People can easily find out you online based on your profession and location.
     5. This will be very helpful for influenceres , entrepreneurs and self employed individuals , freelancers and also who want to discovered online by the world.


    According to me This is very great features provided by Google . This will going to very helpful for small start up to scale up their business and establish their brand online.

    And It is very secure because Google never compromise with the privacy of user. 

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