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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Which is best messaging app WhatsApp or Telegram?

 Which is best messaging app WhatsApp or Telegram?

Welcome to the Tech Fantastik. Today we will know which one is best messaging app in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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Whatsapp VS Telegram


    In today's world online communications is more than verbal communications because online communication takes less effort to communicate with people as well as less time.

    We can contact any person in the world at any time  and share the information within a second. With the help of messaging apps it is possible.

    There so many messaging apps available in market. At this time  most used app are WhatsApp and Telegram . But WhatsApp has less features than Telegram  .

    What Is WhatsApp ?

    WhatsApp is most popular messaging app . It is launched on 3 May 2009. It is owned by Facebook Company .Almost everyone in the world is using WhatsApp.

       Advantages of WhatsApp

    • Here are some most popular features of WhatsApp..
    • Instant Messaging
    • Encrypted Chat
    • Status option is available
    • Audio call is available
    • Video call is available
    • Video sharing is available
    • Audio sharing is available
    • Documents sharing is available
    • Location sharing is available
    • Whatsapp allows a sender to know about the delivery and message read status by the other user

       Disadvantage of WhatsApp

    • Secret chat option is not there.
    • Group Member is restricted to 257 peoples
    • Can not create channel
    • Can not share file above 100 mb .
    • Images are distorted while sharing means quality and clarity of image reduces.

    What Is Telegram?

    Telegram is messaging app just like WhatsApp . Telegram have some advance features which WhatsApp doesn't provide. Let's know the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram also.

       Advantages of Telegram

    Thhere are so many extra features in Telegram which  Whatsapp does not provide .lets see them

    • Instant messaging
    • Encrypted Chat
    • Secret Chat option is there
    • Audio call is available
    • Audio file sharing is available
    • Video file sharing is available
    • Telegram provide feature to create channel of Unlimited Followers
    • Unlimited members can be in Telegram Group
    • You can also follow channels which provide valuable contents
    • YouTube, Bing images , Wikipedia, nepho and  Tenor GIF directly Search in Chat Chat option by their bots.

       Disadvantages of Telegram

    Telegram have only two Disadvantage that are

    •  Video call option is not there in Telegram 
    •   Telegram  do not allows a sender to know about the delivery and message read status by the other user .


    According me if you are normal user like only messaging has to do you then go with WhatsApp. And if you Transfer more files like image , PDFs , videos of big size and want to  earn money  through  messaging apps then you must go with Telegram.

    I hope now you understood all the points covered in this post and this post is knowledge full for you.

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